About Us

Artistic threads of the next generation.

Founded in 2007 by 15 year old Cottesloe school boy Reif Myers, as a Scotch College school project... Ten years later, Oz.... Ocean Zone now reaches across Australia and is growing rapidly.

All Ocean Zone garments display original OZ artworks created by Reif Myers and  his design team and are unique to the OZ brand!

Reif now 25 years old, concentrates primarily on designing for the Ocean Zone Men's range after completing a commerce/business/ entrepreneurship degree at The University Of Western Australia. He encourages young artist's as young as 6 years old to create the artworks for the Kids and OZ youths ranges. Thus in keeping with what the younger generations find appealing.

Reif along with a talented group of young local artists and photographers, continues to inspire the next generation with his "Artistic Threads"

Here at Ocean Zone we encourage the creative input from the youth globally, email us if you feel you want to be part of our OZ design team!

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