CocoPop New home of OZ Boardies

Reif Myers
Posted on October 24 2018


CocoPop is Claremonts new beach lifestyle hub for all your Summer needs.

With the closure of Brownies after 30 years, our main outlet since inception back in 2007 we have decided to open our own shop around the corner. 

Selling direct to our customers allows us to have more freedom to release new designs more frequently and offer more promotions.

CocoPop displays a range of local designers in mens and womens swimwear, resort wear, sunglasses, jewellery and slides.

However we also showcase works and photos from local artists and photographers through their ceramics, paintings and photographic prints.

The Pop is open now until Christmas Eve!

Located at 8 Avion Way, Times Square, Claremont


Brands include Ocean Zone, Cocobella Lifestyle, Rixx Eyewear, Isle & Arlo, Seven Seas towels, Lounge Sleepwear, Ambra Maddalena swim, HiHo Silver, Rebels at Heart

Art by Jos Myers + Reif Myers and photography by Tom Iffla and Nick Cooper

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